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Romans restaurants


Rome’s restaurants are one of the city’s main attractions. The capital is full of places where you can find good food and the variety is great: from typical trattorias, to starred restaurants, to ethnic and fusion ones.

The Roman tradition sees pasta as great dishes: cacio e pepe, gricia, carbonara, amatriciana. But then there is the suckling pig, the Jewish artichoke, the saltimbocca, the meat rolls, the lamb with potatoes, the tripe. In short, so on and so forth!

With a cuisine based on ingredients that come from the land and the mountains, pecorino that wins over parmesan and heavy but very good dishes, the restaurants in Rome will certainly not disappoint you!

Typical restaurants

Trattorias and taverns are typical restaurants in Rome, originally popular places to drink wine, eat in company and sing ditties.

This concept has now changed and evolved, and although there are many historic trattorias that have maintained the spirit of the past, there are many more modern ones that are worth trying.

The dishes that cannot be missed in a typical Roman restaurant are certainly the classic first courses, cacio e pepe, gricia, carbonara, amatriciana, second courses such as meatballs, lamb and saltimbocca, but also dishes that are not for all tastes such as queue and tripe.

The sweet king of tradition is tiramisu and the wine to pair with it is red, if it’s homemade even better!

Sora Lella

Area: Trastevere | Address: via di Ponte Quattro Capi 16 | Metro: Circo Massimo, line B | Price: €35-40 | Roman restaurant | Reservation required

Located in the historic popular heart of Rome, Trastevere, this is the place of the legendary Sora Lella, a true Roman and actress in many Carlo Verdone films. It is now managed by her family who wanted to maintain the tradition and her grandmother’s recipes, among which the supplì and meatballs are absolutely not to be missed!

Here you are guaranteed to eat real Roman cuisine and, even if the prices are slightly above average, the food and the magnificent location on the Tiber Island are absolutely worth the cost of dinner!

If you don’t know Sora Lella yet, you can’t help but look at her recipes!

Da Felice a Testaccio

Area: Testaccio | Address: Via Mastro Giorgio 29 | Metro: Piramide, line B | Price: €35-40 | Roman restaurant | Reservation required

An institution of Roman food, da Felice is one of the most sought after restaurants in the capital. The food is traditional in a refined and elegant environment.

The specialty is cacio e pepe, which is one of the best in Rome! There’s a little secret about this dish that I won’t reveal to you here, but if you try it I’ll just tell you to have your cell phone ready to record as soon as the waiter arrives with your order!

The second courses are excellent, in particular the lamb, the meatballs and the rolls, and are absolutely to be accompanied with the baked potatoes, cooked to perfection together with the meat! If you have a sweet tooth, you can’t miss a taste of their homemade tiramisu, as true Roman tradition dictates!

The dishes are all very abandoned and the prices are more than fair for what you eat. Reservation is not only mandatory but must be made well in advance.

Flavio al Veloavevodetto e Velavevodetto ai Quiriti

Area: Testaccio | Indirizzo: Via di Monte Testaccio 97 | Metro: Piramide, line B | Price: 30-35€ | Roman restaurant | Prenotazione consigliata 

A disciple of Felice, Flavio is one of the best-known trattorias in the capital where you can be sure to eat good, typical Roman food. There are two restaurants, one in the Testaccio district, large and with an outdoor space, and a second newly opened which has been added to the restaurants in Prati (Piazza dei Quiriti 4, Metro: Lepanto or Ottaviano, line A).

The Roman tradition is fully respected and the value for money is also excellent! Carbonara is among the chef’s strong dishes, but boiled meatballs are also not to be ignored on the menu.
The tiramisu is served in grandmother’s old glasses and is also the dessert to try here!

Reservation is recommended, but having more space and above all two options, it will be much easier to find a place even with little advance notice.

Da Enzo al 29

Area: Trastevere | Address: Via dei Vascellari 29 | Metro: Circo Massimo, line B | Price: €30-35 | Roman restaurant | Reservation recommended

Saying that this is probably the best of the restaurants in Trastevere is not an exaggeration if we are talking about Enzo al 29. In this place tradition reigns supreme and if you are now accustomed to bacon and pecorino, the carbonara is certainly the best choice to to do in this historic neighborhood!

The first Romans are the strong point of the cuisine and should all be tried. If it’s the right season, however, don’t underestimate the Giudia-style artichoke and remember that a good fried appetizer is always a good idea!

Excellent prices too, it’s always very crowded and even if at lunch you just have to queue to enter, in the evening it’s better to book.

Grazia e Graziella

Area: Trastevere | Indirizzo: Largo M.D. Fumasoni Biondi 5 | Metro: Circo Massimo, line B | Price: 30-35€ | Roman Restaurant | Reservation recommnded

A stone’s throw from Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere, Grazia e Graziella is a very cute and modern place that serves excellent traditional dishes together with some pleasant little novelties.

To welcome you in a very refined environment, there will be friendly waiters always with a ready joke and a nice Roman descent. Among the dishes on the menu, the carbonara is the most special thing but the fantastic chips seasoned with cheese and pepper are also worth tasting! There is a lot of variety on the menu and offers valid pizza and salad alternatives for those who want to detox from the pecorino diet!

Prices are average and booking is recommended but not mandatory.

Cencio La Parolaccia

Area: Trastevere | Indirizzo: Vicolo de’ Cinque 3 | Metro: Piramide, line B | Price: 30-35€ | Roman Restaurant | Reservation recommended

The La Parolaccia restaurant in Rome is one of the most famous restaurants in the capital, known not only for its cuisine but above all for the experience it gives its customers. In fact, the staff accompanies the dinner service with shows, Roman ditties and jokes peppered with colorful terms with which the waiters address the restaurant’s guests.

If you are the touchy type, perhaps it is better to choose another place, but if you want to have a bit of a laugh and spend an evening in a different and noisy atmosphere, this is the place for you!
In addition to this, the food is of good quality and the prices are average for the Trastevere district, booking is mandatory.

Ba’ Ghetto

Area: Ghetto | Indirizzo: Via del Portico d’Ottavia 57 | Metro: Colosseo, line B | Price: 35-40€ | Roman Restaurant Reservation recommended

The best known of the restaurants in the Ghetto of Rome, Ba’Ghetto is a place that offers kosher dishes together with typical Roman recipes cooked according to the rules of Jewish tradition.
Guanciale is therefore not among the permitted ingredients, but you will be surprised to see how the substitutes used are equally excellent in combinations. One of the restaurant’s strong dishes is the artichoke alla giudia among the appetizers and the lamb with potatoes among the second courses.

The place is elegant and well looked after, prices are slightly above average and reservations are welcome.

Antica Birreria Peroni

Area: Trevi | Indirizzo: Via di San Marcello 19 | Metro: Cavour, line B | Price: 25-30€ | Roman restaurant | Reservation recommended

The Antica Birreria Perori is one of the best restaurants in Rome in the center and is located a few steps from the Trevi Fountain, a side street from Via del Corso.

The appearance is that of an old tavern with wooden tables and waiters running from side to side with large plates and mugs of beer. The portions are more than generous and the dishes excellent and rich in seasoning. Be on the safe side whether you order first or second courses, but I must tell you that the amatriciana is among my favorites in Rome! The quality/price ratio is really excellent, especially if we consider the area to be so central.

Unfortunately it is not possible to book, once you get there you ask if there is room or otherwise you have to queue! Especially at lunch, you might need a little patience.

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