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How Much Are Vatican Tickets? 2023 Vatican Prices


If you’re planning a visit to the Vatican in Rome, here’s perhaps the most essential question: how much are Vatican tickets?

Let’s break down the cost of tickets to the Vatican to help you plan your budget.

How Much Do Vatican Tickets Cost?

OK, so technically it’s free to enter St Peter’s Square and St Peter’s Basilica.

This is fine for a little snoop around, but you’ll need to pay for the rest.

When referring to Vatican tickets here, keep in mind that I’m referring to the Vatican Museums: one of the most fabulous art museums in the world.

It’s home to the famous Sistine Chapel – something you can’t not see while there.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the current ticket prices for the Vatican Museum (with Sistine Chapel):

Children and teens aged 6-18 also enjoy reduced ticket prices – click the links above to see the full list of discounts for each product.

Additionally, there are optional add-ons available for purchase, such as the Vatican Gardens ticket.

It’s worth mentioning that other special exhibits or guided tours may have additional fees.

Whatever you do, ensure you buy tickets online in advance or you’ll be waiting a long time.

That’s some advice from one of our recent buyers at Tiqets – please take heed 🤝

Finally, do keep in mind a few things when going through the best things to see at the Vatican:

😬 Still nervous about the visit?

Check out my 10 rules for visiting the Vatican – you’ll be a pro in no time!

Still Wondering How Much Vatican Tickets Cost?

I’ve outline the prices of Vatican tickets from the very basic entrances to the most common guided tours.

That said, feel free to click through the links in this article for up to date pricing info – and unique ticket combinations that could be tailored perfectly for you.

Enjoy your Vatican visit 😃

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