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Rome Hacks was developed under the umbrella of the Muve Travel blog empire launched in 2011 by Pedro, Valeria, Oscar, Sara, and Ash.

After the success of our first English travel blog (Barcelona Hacks) we're off on a new Italian adventure! As always our aim is to help you visit in the simplest and most sustainable way possible while not missing an inch of the Eternal City.

That's why we've enlisted the help of our Romana extraordinaire

The RomeHacks.com Team


I was born and raised in Rome and like most locals I consider it the most beautiful city in the world. Even if it's a love-hate relationship. Like any hopeless romantic though all it takes is a look at the Imperial Forum or Saint Peter's Basilica to forget about negatives and get that lovey dovey look back!

I studied art history because art, history, and beauty have a way of grabbing hold of you during even the most banal of walks around the city.

Walking and traveling are the things I love most. The Camino de Santiago is a place that united these two loves and gave me the travel bug. I've since visited places that give my city a run for its money like Cambodia, Jordan, Tanzania, Iceland, Morocco, and California. I've even lived in Crete and New York, and yet I always end up back here.

I met the Muve crew a few months ago and am now part of the family. 

I'm the author of most of the posts you'll see on Rome Hacks, and I'll be responding to your comments and emails!

OK, we've been introduced... now let's get on with the show!